ABOUT // me

LenoreHeadshot2012_squareLenore’s passion for design stems from her love of using color and composition as mediums to tell a story. Whether she is designing on set or with the aid of a computer, her attention to detail and eye for composition have led to a strong portfolio of work.

As a graduate from Temple University’s Film and Media Arts program, Lenore has served as Production Designer on several recent graduate and undergraduate Temple University projects, including Coppermise (set in a 1960s suburban home), Vocabulary of the Mysteries (a hip-hop ode to a greek myth), and her most recent project, A Man Full of Trouble (set in Alexander Hamilton’s estate circa 1776).


In Fall 2012, Lenore was rewarded her first opportunity to design an independent feature film, Kinderwald, which recently debuted at the 2013 Munich International Film Festival. Set in 1850 in the forests of Eastern Pennsylvania, the film offered the unique experience of shooting all-outdoors in remote locations, requiring lots of hands-on manual labor, ultimate organization, and on-point collaboration between departments. Preproduction required extensive period research, collaborating with a costumer to construct the film’s costumes, and hunting down period-appropriate props and set pieces.

MEcollage1BAdditionally, Lenore is the Senior Graphic Designer at Defined Clarity, a design and technology firm in Philadelphia, where she leads branding campaigns, builds websites, and designs print collateral for an array of local businesses, schools, and nonprofits.  Her eye for simplicity and balance leads to visually strong and engaging designs, while her expertise in information architecture, usability, and messaging allows for the creation of useful and meaningful solutions.

Lenore has more recently begun working in the post-production field of Color Correction, where she hones her eye for precise colors and is starting to build a strong portfolio.