National Geographic’s “Weird But True” – Seasons 2 & 3 (S3 Emmy Nominated for Art Direction!)

I was the Art Director on Season 2 and Co-Art Director on Season 3 of the Emmy-Nominated educational kids series, Weird But True. The series was produced by Steve Rotfeld Productions in partnership with National Geographic Kids. Season 3 was recently NOMINATED for an ART DIRECTION EMMY! Find my work in seasons 2 & 3 of the show streaming on Disney+.

Our aesthetic utilizes paper, cardboard, and recognizable kids crafting materials to help explain science concepts and bring historical events to life. We worked in small scale with puppetted dioramas and table-top diagrams, and in large scale with actor-sized skits. Our art department consisted of a talented team of designers, builders, and crafters. We shot at Hill Studios in Paulsboro NJ and collaborated with their talented set-building team to construct the Headquarters set that Charlie and Carly call home.

Check out the 20-min Art Reel featuring work from Season 3 that got us nominated for an Emmy:

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